Stacy Beamer

Image of artist Stacy Beamer

Bowen Island artisan and builder STACY BEAMER was born in the 1960s in the British Columbia Interior. Stacy grew up on a small family farm in the Fraser Valley, and at fourteen, he began following the path his father and grandfather had taken into the civil construction industry.

In his twenties, Stacy built an impressive career as the superintendent managing large infrastructure projects in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, notably the Deltaport Container Terminal and West Coast Express transit stations, among many others. As a young man he travelled the world extensively and spent time in Singapore, South East Asia, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, before returning to Canada to start a family.

In 1998, in his early thirties, Stacy decided he needed a big change so he quit his construction job and the next day relocated his wife and children to Bowen Island. In the process of unwinding from his previous life, Stacy began to discover his artistic talents. He bought a welder and began making garden gates and other small local projects. In the process he discovered his real love for interior and hard landscape design, as well as sculpture, and what he calls his “guerilla art” which can be found in various places around Bowen Island.

Since those early days Stacy has developed his distinctive whimsical style incorporating steel, rock, wrought iron, and wood, as well as found local materials, into an expansive portfolio of unique large and small-scale pieces; from gates and railings to garden fences, to 100 foot bridges of wood and iron, and a stunning 2600 square foot green home. Stacy believes in creating functional art and uses the hands-on trade skills he learned in the construction industry to showcase the natural beauty of his materials and bring his concepts to life.