Stacy Beamer

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Multidisciplinary Artist

For over 25 years Stacy has developed his distinctive whimsical style incorporating steel, rock, wrought iron, and wood, as well as found local materials, into an expansive portfolio of unique large and small-scale pieces; from gates and railings to garden fences, to 100 foot bridges of wood and iron, and a stunning 2600 square foot green home. Stacy believes in creating functional art and uses the hands-on trade skills he learned in the construction industry to showcase the natural beauty of his materials and bring his concepts to life.

Eclectic Et Cetera Mixed Media Painting & Sculpture at The Hearth Gallery

Inspired by Nature

Impressionist, Abstractionist, Playful

Railings, Stairs, Home Decor, Fireplace, Furnishings, Home Build

Ponds, Roadways, Walkways, Garden, Waterfront, Gates, Fences & Railings

Playgrounds, Schools, Eateries & Shops, Waterfront

Works in Progress

copper chest plate geode artist stacy beamer
back of the chest plate - geode
red tree
red tree on display at artist studio
metal work for railings artist stacy beamer
fairy wings with colored glass artist stacy beamer
fairy sculpture
large steam punk equipment artist stacy beamer
large vintage industrial pieces ready for art installation design stacy beamer
artist's shop yard with large industrial pieces ready for assembly designs stacy beamer
artist's shop yard with large tree stump and various projects stacy beamer artist
large tree sculpture
large tree trunks in artist studio stacy beamer
"Our gate is a blend of wood and metal that compliments the natural surroundings beautifully. We love it!" J.S.
"Stacy gave us the garden sanctuary we have wanted for a long time. We love the whimsy in our garden gate and the beautiful walkways in between the garden beds. It's our favourite place to spend time." A.B


woman's body with a rock artist stacy beamer
an end table with glass and wood design stacy beamer
an end table with glass and wood design stacy beamer
tall chair with red seat artist stacy beamer